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Today was definitely an improvement. We managed to get through all of our subjects  with almost no frustration.

We started talking about money last week and have moved to time this week. Little bit likes learning time. We are still working on money as well. Today was all about the 10s column and the ones column. If you have 10 pennies in the ones column, you exchange them and put a dime in the 10s column. It took a few tries but she caught on. It is interesting to see how all of this stuff connects together. For example, when we start subtracting we will also be using those columns.

I decided last night that we needed a magnetic board with our phonograph tiles on it. I think the visualization will help in learning the rules for reading/spelling. I don't  remember learning any of the rules but for some reason spelling just makes sense to me. Maybe it is because I read so much. However, I think it is important for Little Bit and Little Fat to know them so-- introducing my phonogram board (this picture is ultra-pixelated but imagine a white/magnetic dry erase board with letters and phonogram magnets). I printed the tiles from this website onto magnetic printer paper (hobby lobby) and cut them apart. If you aren't into the work, you can also buy them from All About Spelling. I also made tiles of the capital letters with the "scraps" so that Little Monster (previously known as Little Fat) can start matching his capital and lower case letters.
In other news, B started tearing up our yard this weekend. We are building a deck next weekend. It was hard to see the grass we have worked so hard on being dug up. It will be worth it though.This isn't exactly the same as the buffet that I was imagining for my dining room but I guess sacrifices have to be made.

Little Monster is feeling better. He has definitely got some congestion but is much happier about life.
Both of the kids had soccer camp last night and woke up this morning asking to go again. They loved it! I wish it wasn't so time consuming. I know they would love to play for the season. Maybe in the spring.

And last but definitely not least is my new found love---pinterest. I could look at this site for hours!! It has given me tons of ideas as well as hours of new projects for B. I have birthday party ideas, craft ideas, DIY ideas, photo ideas, and some of the yummiest looking recipes ever (including one stbux mocha frapp mock that I am about to try now). The only 2 negatives are you have to ask to join (but it only took a few days to be approved) and there is no android app yet (but ipad users enjoy).

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•8:10 AM finding all of the things my kids leave laying around. Ok, so that's not entirely true because I don't like stepping on the legos they leave laying around but I do enjoy finding what they've drawn. For example: On the left is me. This is my invitation to a tea party. On the right is Little Bit's drawing of her Mii from the Wii (note the surprised face). On the bottom, our nametags for halloween (it is looking like a Mario themed halloween is in store for us). I have to admit, I'm proud of the names. No, they are not spelled correctly but she is DEFINITELY using the spelling rules we are learning! The "ee" in Peach, the "y" at the end of Yoshi, and the "o" and silent "e" in Toad...I'm impressed.

Another example: This is Dot-the-Dot watching TV in an empty popcorn bowl, in an empty puzzle box. Random.

A friend of ours gave Little Bit and Little Fat books the other day (Olivia and Chuggington) so we made thank you cards. Little Bit drew/wrote/and colored hers by herself (I did help her with the spelling).

I drew Little Fat's but he did a great job coloring it!

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•9:52 AM
The words that went to sentence kingdom FINALLY got themselves organized and are officially members of sentence kingdom! We are making celebration necklaces and probably going on a rickshaw ride to chill tonight (although that is just so daddy can make sure it is fixed) to celebrate!

On another note-- after yesterday's art lesson, I found this coloring book page. Notice the leaves at the bottom of the page. Yay for progress!!

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Not sure why the blogger app doesn't allow you to rotate pictures. You guys are probably all using Ipads anyway. Just flip it. And if you aren't, well, lean your head over I guess.

With Wednesday comes art. It is probably my favorite day of the week. Today was about observing details and how it creates a more interesting drawing. We had to observe nature and then sketch. This is her outside scene.  It has a tall pine tree (with bark), mushrooms, little trees, and grass. I love seeing her progression. Her grass (you might can see it on the left side) used to look like mountains. Today we talked about looking at the grass and drawing it similar to the way it looks.

Little fat is sick so he has played the wii and finished one cutting page (meaning he cut straight lines).

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•6:17 PM
"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."
I have to say that my kids exemplify this verse. This may not be the best picture to represent it but this is my little man playing the wii after a long preschool day. He definitely throws his heart and soul into everything he does (good and bad) and continues to amaze me with what he learns.
Little bit and I had our gym day today. I had to teach 2 classes with an hour break so we get to sit outside at the gym and do some homeschooling. She does really well with all of the potential distractions.

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When one of these runs into your garage, you don't have to worry about being late in the school pick-up line. I'm just saying

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We had a good day today but I think we were both a little blah and tired. Notsomuch unmotivated, just blah. Lots of yawns (even from my daughter who never yawns). We prevailed though. Our art lesson was fun. We learned about artists using imagination and painted a watercolor image. Little bit's was her dressed in her Belle costume with really long hair, floating away from us. Anyone care to decipher that?

Little fat's was him swimming in Mamaw and Papaw's pool with his shoes on (I love his tongue hanging out and the blur of his paintbrush...he's obviously not in a hurry)!

After official art was over we did the "real" stuff (i.e. reading and math). And then had my long awaited craft time. I read on Pink and Green Mama's blog about Elmer's Gel Glue batik so we made aprons (note the appearance of the tongue again). My kids normally craft in their underwear so this will be a pleasant change. No completely finished picture yet...but maybe tomorrow!

Little fat had his first day of preschool yesterday. It went well and was awesome having time to get school finished before he got back. Funny conversation:
Little fat: I got a stamp at the library.
Little Bit: where is it
Little fat: well first you go straight, then you turn this way.
Bit: No! Your stamp!

I laughed.

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•12:28 PM

This homeschool stuff is crazy! Here is what I've learned learned so far:

-4:00pm is not a good time to do work.

-homeschooling moves fast in 2 ways: The time flies and the materials seem really advanced. For example: the commutative property in the first grade? And today was inequalities. Is that normal?

-activities are good. Not only hands on manipulatives but also just some plain old "head and shoulders knees and toes"

-cats get in the way.

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•10:12 AM

Yesterday was great and so is today (so far) but I have decided we are going to have to do more "fun stuff." So today we are having school in our Rapunzel dress.

Who says school can't be fun? We are also going to do some painting today and work on incorporating more of that into our days. It will be much easier when little monster goes to preschool but for now he's happy too I guess.

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We had our first tears yesterday and our 2nd tears today. Little Bit can't deal with not knowing something. I literally have to say "it's ok. We are learning together. You aren't supposed to know this yet."
On the other hand we had our first art class today. It was about composing art from everyday living. She had to draw a picture of something she saw in her home today or yesterday so she chose playing hide and go seek with her daddy and brother.

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•8:10 AM

So far so good. Here is a pic of half of our setup. Well, there is supposed to be a picture...hopefully it is there but this blogger app doesn't give many options. Little Bit seems to enjoy math the most. It was always a favorite of mine too. Little Fat learned the numbers 10-15 today. He is having a little difficulty with 10-12 but considering he didn't know any this morning, I guess that is progress. He is crazy smart! He picks things up so fast! It amazes me.

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•6:52 PM

Homeschooling is going to be interesting. Little Bit did great today. Little Fat did great today. Mommy...did ok. I only lost my patience a few times and just closed my eyes when I felt it happening. I am, overall, very excited though. We are going to have reading, math, and grammar everyday, science 2 days per week, and art once.

B and I had a lot of fun talking about it being the first day of school, parent/teacher conferences, meet the teacher, etc.

Little Fat's 3 yr checkup was last wk. He's healthy...that was about all we discussed.