Author: Ashley
•8:49 AM

We have had a great weekend together. Our kids had fun riding bikes, playing outside, having a puppy playdate, and getting to go to church. We are in a series called Running with the Giants and it is amazing! I am enjoying it so much and am getting so much out of it.

Little Monster is officially a bike rider. He can make laps around the culdesac and also the driveway.

Author: Ashley
•8:07 PM
Time is flying by. I mean FLYING. I just realized the other day that I am almost with my first year as a homeschool teacher. AND I SURVIVED!! WOOO!! There should be a national "I survived Homeschooling" day and we should get free babysitters and unlimited funds to help "stimulate the economy."

*Little Bit has progressed so far! I definitely consider her a reader now. There is very little that she can't read. And she's getting so fast at it! I hope she loves reading in the same way I do. I can't even explain how much I love to read and the way it takes me to another place. I hope both of my kids get to experience that. Her handwriting is GREAT. It took a good bit of work but I have to admit that it was worth it. She is adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers, measuring things, reading temperatures...the list goes on and on. She is such a smart girl and I'm very proud of how hard she is working!

*Little Monster learned to ride his bike today. He can go across our cul de sac without falling/stopping. His legs are still a little short so he needs help getting going but he's mastered the rest. And speaking of being smart, he has decided that he is going to read. He pretty much started on his own (trying to sound letters in words out) and now asks me for help. Yesterday he asked me if "rose" was pronounced "rosy." I've been telling B that he is reading 3 letter words but I don't think he got a good glimpse of it until last night.

*Little Bit and Daddy went to the Daddy Daughter Dance Saturday night. There is nothing we could've given her to make her so happy. You would've thought she won the lottery! Since they were gone, Little Monster took me on a date. He said "no, you're taking me on a date." I explained to him that normally boys take girls out but he couldn't drive yet so I was just driving for him. Then we put the money in the folder together but he paid for it b/c he handed the folder to the waiter. I heard him telling a friend the other day that he paid for it b/c "that's what boys do for girls when they take them on a date." He also told me that he had been on "zero dates...well, except now I took you on one." He's so funny!!

*We are taking them to the Ringling Brothers Circus tomorrow. They don't know it yet but they are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'm so excited for them!