Author: Ashley
•11:57 AM
I am the worst at coming up with titles to these posts but I get tired of looking at the page and it saying "untitled." So I think I might just post whatever pops into my brain.
This weekend has been pretty good (so far). Yesterday I just needed a day off and that's  what I got. Don't get me wrong- I still put up 11.5 quarts of pears, did some grocery shopping, did some laundry, did some MUCH needed cleaning, cooked dinner (with B's help), and entertained my kids. But I didn't HAVE to be anywhere. It was awesome. I also worked on The Help a little bit. I have already read this book once but after all the hooplah started with the movie, I decided to read it again. I haven't seen the movie but the book is really amazing.
We also found a turtle yesterday. Brian and I saw one about a week ago so I think he may live at our house. I was in the middle of my pears so I went ahead and cut him a piece. Not only did he eat that,  he proceeded to eat almost the entire thing. I think he was hungry. I named him Bruce and marked him with orange fingernail polish so we will be able to tell if its him.
At ballet Thursday Little Bit (and maybe me too) played with angel wing flags. The teacher told me they were homemade and so another project was born in my head. I can't finish one without 10 more starting. So here are my wings. Please done look at the stitching. I pay no attention to detail so I'm not the best seamstriss--seamstress--sewing girl. After I was finished with one, another project presented itself. How do you protect some masculinity for the son that has an incredibly girl older sister and wants an angel wing flag? You make him a flag out of the only slightly masculine fabric that you have. And you make it a rectangle because that's less girly than a semicircle.  It's what I'm telling myself anyway.
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