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•6:35 PM
I am getting so bad about posting. It doesn't help that our schedule has been all over the place. Plus we have gotten into such a routine with school that I don't have to sit with her as much anymore (which is when most of my blogging took place). Either way... things are still ticking along. Little Bit has really done amazing! She can read most any Level 1 book and does really well on Level 2. I am continually amazed! She has also done fantastic in Math. I think it is still her favorite. I understand that, though. She doesn't like to be wrong and Math typically has a black and white answer with no opinions or guessing. She still struggles with just trying to get finished and not trying her best but I'm 28 and still do that, soooo...

Little Monster is enjoying preschool. He hasn't surprised us a bit with his ability to fall over his own feet. It is really a miracle the boy hasn't been more seriously injured. He fell last weekend and hit the toy box and ended up with a black eye. A kid hit him on the nose with an ice pack a month or so ago and he has 2 probably permanent scars down his nose. And that's not to mention all the bumps and bruises we endure daily. He handles it pretty well, though. I think I am going to start working with him on reading after the first of the year. I am not going to push him or anything but he's trying. He is continually looking at words and sounding out the letters. I know he is only 3 and it isn't "time" for him to learn to read but I'm going to have to teach him eventually anyway. I guess I might as well work on it while he is interested.

Christmas is DONE...well, the shopping part anyway. And it doesn't appear that anyone is coming over so there's not much cooking to be done. I know I have to do a few desserts and there's still one that I am waiting to find out but I'm happy that the bulk of the "work" is behind me.

I got a new computer (this has also been an excuse not to blog). My old computer decided that every time I turn it on it needs to give me a blue screen and "dump" my physical memory. So I broke down and bought an iMac. So far I love it. It is taking some getting used to and Photoshop is going to be the hardest part but I will eventually get it. Thankfully, the old computer didn't call it quits until I had almost all of my Christmas photo shoots finished. I can't imagine being in a huge time crunch and having to learn this computer at the same time. I hope to get to post some new pictures on here soon but that requires a little more time than I have right now. I will get to it, soon, though.

For now and until next time, Merry CHRISTmas!
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