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•8:39 PM
Hmmm...closing in on 2 months without an update. Geez!!

Mostly updating now to list the things I hear regularly at my house:

*Peach/Mario/Bowser- the kids are obsessed with Mario Bros and also pretend. What better thing to do than pretend to be the Mario Bros characters? Today Mario and Peach got married (little monster and little bit) and then Mario and Peach got married again (this time I was lucky enough to be Peach). Then I heard Mario and Luigi get married which opened up a whole new can of worms. Oh and we had to have the "don't kiss each other on the lips she you're pretending to get married" talk which neither of them understood, I didn't go into huge detail about, but made me feel better.

*ayuh-greese: little monster's oh so sweet term of endearment for his sister when he isn't getting his way

*"mommy can I make a craft?" little bit loves to cut/paste. She just makes up stuff to do. And when it is her idea, she really puts all of her heart and soul into it. She was looking at an oriental trading magazine a few weeks ago, saw a craft kit for a butterfly, and decided she needed to make that. She just looked at the pic and made it work (we didn't have the kit). She's going to be an innovative person.

*prayers at bedtime: little monster's are still pretty basic. He thanks God for mommy, mommy (yes, I get 2x the thanks), daddy, ag, mamaw, and papaw and then whoever we chose to pray for that night. Every once in awhile he will throw in a "...amen. And Lord please let us have a good night, and be with mommy, mommy..." and start all over. It's cute! Now, little bit has become a little billy graham. Her prayers have become very heartfelt and passionate. They consist of some of the following "I know you are the one true God...thank you for everything you are...thank you for your world and your beautiful creations..." and she will go on for 2 or 3 min like that. During some pretend time at a friends' house the other day I heard her say "you can't hurt me! My one true God is stronger than you and he will save me!" (can you tell the last 2 weeks have been VBS filled?)

*last but not least: screaming! Little Monster thinks he just needs to scream out loud for no reason. It gets old fast.

Oh and one more thing: we started a reward chart for chores and one thing they have to do is help clean the bathroom. LM knows his job is the potty so today (after I told him the bathroom didn't need cleaning) he peed on the toilet seat so he could clean it and get a star on the chart. (no star, big discussion)

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