Author: Ashley
•6:47 PM
I love that we live in an area where we have access to a lot of different of them being Braves baseball. We were given tickets by my husbands' sales team and enjoyed a nice afternoon of the Braves and the Mets (Braves won but we left early). Little Monsters' funny sayings of the day:

*can we get some food when the Mats go back to bat? (I said "the who?") The Ats.

*there was a guy walking around selling "ice cold beer" and another guy selling icees. Little Monster heard the beer guy and saw the icees, turned to me and said "I want an ice cold!"

Little Bit and him were also talking about shapes the other day and she said that her cup was a circle. He looked at her and said "well mine's a cylinder". He never ceases to amaze me!


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