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A few days ago I was asked (not so nonchalantly ) when I was going to update my blog. So here's an update plus all the reasons I haven't already done it this week.
*art was postponed until Friday this week because of all of the events we had occurring.  We learned about portraits and that our arms are more than sticks. They have dimension. Here is Little Bit's friend SK dressed up in her flower power costume.

*In reading we learned more about homophones (pail/pale, mail/male) and continued reviewing our time, money, and place values in math. We are working on colors in science so we mixed colors and saw how a color became more rich if we mixed more color into it (I.e.the more blue you add to red, the more rich the purple becomes).

*Both kids said their verses at AWANA  and Little Bit even got her wings and her first red jewel. I think AWANA is one of the best programs our kids could be involved in. After a bout of disobedience a few days ago, I was explaining to Little Bit why we tell her not to do certain things and why it is important she obey. She ran (unprompted) to get her Sparks book and find where she knew there was a verse that said "children obey your parents". I was proud of that.  Obviously something is working.

*Our week's adventures:
-spending about 5 hours at my grandparents' house learning to put up pears.
-putting pears in brown bags so they'll ripen and I can put up more.
-making a t-shirt quilt
-bringing home more pears
-ridding my computer of another Google redirect virus
-taking pictures of my husband's race team
-watching the movie Courageous
-baking 3 loaves of homemade bread
-and investigating/purchasing stuff to make my own laundry soap because my son has such sensitive skin.

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On October 1, 2011 at 2:19 PM , PaPaw said...

I love the pictures LB and LM.
I love y'all more!