Author: Ashley
•3:59 PM

that my daughter doesn't speak with a lisp anymore! Hallelujah! I was concerned that we would end up having to do speech therapy but I've been listening for 2 days and haven't heard even a hint of it.

In school news--handwriting is the bane of my existence. Little Bit's handwriting isn't "bad" but isn't quite right either. It tends to lean and she definitely doesn't hold her pencil correctly. So now we are moving onto that. The difference is AMAZING when she does hold it the right way but it requires a constant reminder.

She has read me 3 books this week that are not part of our school curriculum. That is awesome too! I just help her with the words that she definitely doesn't know (i.e. overerjoyed). My new rule is she doesn't get a book until after she reads it to me (I have a secret stash) and the cool part is when I hear her reading it to herself. I think it is helping her self confidence in reading. Prior to this rule her excuse was "but that's not a learning to read book." Now I think she realizes that a book doesn't have to have that little "level" stamp in order for her to read it. Tonight she said she wanted us to read her a book but didn't want to read it herself. I wonder how long it will be before she doesn't want me to read to her. I get a little sad thinking about that.

So to lighten the mood: in the car tonight Little Bit asked if she had obeyed this week so far (the requirement for a Friday night sleepover). Unfortunately for their sleepover  plans, she slammed her brother's foot in the car door yesterday and lost that privilege (and might I add that the door-slamming-in-the-face thing has been an ongoing battle AND I was telling her not to do it as she did it anyway). Little Monster was minding his own business and coloring during this conversation but without skipping a beat (or a crayon stroke) told us "I always do the correct things." I almost wet myself laughing. Thank you, 3 year old angel. His language cracks me up. A few weeks ago I was taking somethin to goodwill. He wanted to know what it was so I told him coffee cups and he said "those are fragile." I really don't know where he picks this stuff up.

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