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So here we are at day...ummm...I lost count but 5 or 6 weeks out from the elim diet start. So much has happened since I started that I do not know where to start. Long story short my naturopath gave a good bit of misinformation that cost me a flare and (almost) $400. I ended up telling the clinic that I thought it was best I go somewhere else. Since then (2 weeks ago) I have read The Makers Diet, Self-healing Colitis and Crohns, and also the Hallelujah Diet. I have read numerous blogs and articles and have basically decided vegan is going to be my best option. I slowly started by only eating a small bit of chicken at night and now I'm on no meat whatsoever. I can't say if we go out to eat I won't have some but for now I think my gut needs a rest. the high protein is hard to digest and exacerbates my issues. I have also been juicing/blending a lot. I juice lettuce and spinach 2x a day and add to puréed apples and a handful of grapes to it. Then I let it chill in the freezer an hour or so. It is so so so good!

In school news, Little Bit is finished with science and math and only has 2 weeks of reading left. Crazy! She has learned so much! We ended math after an intro to multiplication! I know technically she's in kindergarten but it is first grade material. She needed that though. She was so far beyond learning numbers and letters. If I had set her to school, I would be happy with whatever but being home with me and "learning" letters would have frustrated us both. 

Little Monster is almost finished with preschool. His birthday is in a few weeks and he is super excited that he will be having a Mario birthday party! I kind of am too :) I enjoy planning their parties. We invited the whole preschool class plus others so there will be about 20 kids. God bless us!

More later. I want to start writing in my "tried and true" recipes. I don't want to be a "paid" blogger but if I even help one person, it's worth it!

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