Author: Ashley
•12:07 PM

Not sure why the blogger app doesn't allow you to rotate pictures. You guys are probably all using Ipads anyway. Just flip it. And if you aren't, well, lean your head over I guess.

With Wednesday comes art. It is probably my favorite day of the week. Today was about observing details and how it creates a more interesting drawing. We had to observe nature and then sketch. This is her outside scene.  It has a tall pine tree (with bark), mushrooms, little trees, and grass. I love seeing her progression. Her grass (you might can see it on the left side) used to look like mountains. Today we talked about looking at the grass and drawing it similar to the way it looks.

Little fat is sick so he has played the wii and finished one cutting page (meaning he cut straight lines).

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On August 24, 2011 at 4:02 PM , Ashley said...

Love your drawing AnaGrace