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•5:51 PM
Today was definitely an improvement. We managed to get through all of our subjects  with almost no frustration.

We started talking about money last week and have moved to time this week. Little bit likes learning time. We are still working on money as well. Today was all about the 10s column and the ones column. If you have 10 pennies in the ones column, you exchange them and put a dime in the 10s column. It took a few tries but she caught on. It is interesting to see how all of this stuff connects together. For example, when we start subtracting we will also be using those columns.

I decided last night that we needed a magnetic board with our phonograph tiles on it. I think the visualization will help in learning the rules for reading/spelling. I don't  remember learning any of the rules but for some reason spelling just makes sense to me. Maybe it is because I read so much. However, I think it is important for Little Bit and Little Fat to know them so-- introducing my phonogram board (this picture is ultra-pixelated but imagine a white/magnetic dry erase board with letters and phonogram magnets). I printed the tiles from this website onto magnetic printer paper (hobby lobby) and cut them apart. If you aren't into the work, you can also buy them from All About Spelling. I also made tiles of the capital letters with the "scraps" so that Little Monster (previously known as Little Fat) can start matching his capital and lower case letters.
In other news, B started tearing up our yard this weekend. We are building a deck next weekend. It was hard to see the grass we have worked so hard on being dug up. It will be worth it though.This isn't exactly the same as the buffet that I was imagining for my dining room but I guess sacrifices have to be made.

Little Monster is feeling better. He has definitely got some congestion but is much happier about life.
Both of the kids had soccer camp last night and woke up this morning asking to go again. They loved it! I wish it wasn't so time consuming. I know they would love to play for the season. Maybe in the spring.

And last but definitely not least is my new found love---pinterest. I could look at this site for hours!! It has given me tons of ideas as well as hours of new projects for B. I have birthday party ideas, craft ideas, DIY ideas, photo ideas, and some of the yummiest looking recipes ever (including one stbux mocha frapp mock that I am about to try now). The only 2 negatives are you have to ask to join (but it only took a few days to be approved) and there is no android app yet (but ipad users enjoy).

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