Author: Ashley
•12:19 PM
We had a good day today but I think we were both a little blah and tired. Notsomuch unmotivated, just blah. Lots of yawns (even from my daughter who never yawns). We prevailed though. Our art lesson was fun. We learned about artists using imagination and painted a watercolor image. Little bit's was her dressed in her Belle costume with really long hair, floating away from us. Anyone care to decipher that?

Little fat's was him swimming in Mamaw and Papaw's pool with his shoes on (I love his tongue hanging out and the blur of his paintbrush...he's obviously not in a hurry)!

After official art was over we did the "real" stuff (i.e. reading and math). And then had my long awaited craft time. I read on Pink and Green Mama's blog about Elmer's Gel Glue batik so we made aprons (note the appearance of the tongue again). My kids normally craft in their underwear so this will be a pleasant change. No completely finished picture yet...but maybe tomorrow!

Little fat had his first day of preschool yesterday. It went well and was awesome having time to get school finished before he got back. Funny conversation:
Little fat: I got a stamp at the library.
Little Bit: where is it
Little fat: well first you go straight, then you turn this way.
Bit: No! Your stamp!

I laughed.

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