Author: Ashley
•8:10 AM finding all of the things my kids leave laying around. Ok, so that's not entirely true because I don't like stepping on the legos they leave laying around but I do enjoy finding what they've drawn. For example: On the left is me. This is my invitation to a tea party. On the right is Little Bit's drawing of her Mii from the Wii (note the surprised face). On the bottom, our nametags for halloween (it is looking like a Mario themed halloween is in store for us). I have to admit, I'm proud of the names. No, they are not spelled correctly but she is DEFINITELY using the spelling rules we are learning! The "ee" in Peach, the "y" at the end of Yoshi, and the "o" and silent "e" in Toad...I'm impressed.

Another example: This is Dot-the-Dot watching TV in an empty popcorn bowl, in an empty puzzle box. Random.

A friend of ours gave Little Bit and Little Fat books the other day (Olivia and Chuggington) so we made thank you cards. Little Bit drew/wrote/and colored hers by herself (I did help her with the spelling).

I drew Little Fat's but he did a great job coloring it!

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