Author: Ashley
•8:19 AM
So this is where I started. It was (originally) just a little bit of lettuce juice (actually it was so little that the smoothie would be a little bit brown from the apples oxidizing) with 2 apples and a handful of grapes. It has evolved to a lot of lettuce and spinach juice (now my smoothie is a nice bright green) with 2 apples and a handful of grapes. My mom gave me a Champion Juicer a few years ago. Up until recently it had only seen carrots at my house (which I'm not a huge fan of). But now...that's all changed. I juice my lettuce and spinach first to remove the fiber and rough stuff my stomach doesn't love. Then, I change the screen and use my guard to purée the apples and grapes. Mix that all together, throw it in the freezer for a little while to get it nice and chilled and enjoy. It is really really good!! And now, if I don't have enough lettuce/spinach juice, it is too sweet. I'm branching out to other "favors" this week. Not sure what yet but I'm excited!!


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