Author: Ashley
•1:15 PM
Yay! Art always helps the day go by faster. Today we talked about portraying emotion in our photos.  I don't know if the point was actually made in the pictures they drew but they had fun so whatever. Little bit drew a picture of her as a photographer taking photos of someone (portraying the happiness of the subject).

Little Monster drew Daddy at walmart (I don't think he drew a grumpy face but he probably should have). Note the presence of his tongue again. I've noticed that if he watches me color, he still moves his tongue.

During math we were talking about the number 110 and I was trying to get little bit to tell me what it was. I covered the 1st "1" and asked what was left. She said "10". I uncovered the rest and asked what it was and she said "umm a bajillion?" yup.
And just for fun--here is us looking at Quincy

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