Author: Ashley
•1:22 PM
We are not pushing hard this week. I think the 5 day break we had made Little Bit forget her stuff. We have had to review a good bit this week. We have also run into a severe case of the silly. Well, she thinks it is silly but it just sounds disrespectful to me. So we are working through that too.
We officially have a deck on the back of the house. We unofficially have a mud pit too. So, next on my neverending list of things to do is to go buy sod to lay down.

Pintrest has given me so many good ideas. I bought shutters yesterday and had B cut shelves for them. Those will go in Little Bit's room for her books. I bought 2 windows that I will put pictures in, and I also bought drawer pulls that were on clearance to hang our keys/backpacks/sunglasses etc on. Oh, and I decorated our plastic homeschool drawers using scrapbook paper and modge podge. I love having projects to do :)

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