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•4:09 PM
After learning time and greater than/less than, we have moved on to measuring. We haven't started with a ruler yet but are using our centimeter cubes. And with measuring comes graphing.  Seems weird to think about graphing already but I remember using graphs a ton in school.

For all you pinterest lovers--I have completed several projects over the last week and have several in the works. I love that I have found easy, cheap things to do tray make my house look better. I will post pictures soon.

FYI: a bad week at home must equal no posts because I haven't even attempted to finish this post I started 5 days ago. Yeah. We had a rough week. I think the issues have passed for now, though, and if not my sweet daughter will lose all of her toys on th next go around.

In art news--we talked about landscapes this week. This is the landscape in front of our house. It is definitely a loose translation but that's what art is sometimes.

I ran across some really cool teacher blogs this week and have thoroughly enjoyed learning from their experiences. I know it is a different setting but the ideas that have to be taught are the same. While I was perusing, I ran across a chart showing examples of how to make your coloring work your best. So I made my own. Little Monster enjoys coloring and does try his (3 year old) best. Little Bit on the other hand just wants to get the color on the paper. She doesn't care how it looks when it gets there. I was/am like this but I am trying to help her overcome a little of that. It would have saved me a lot of mistakes as I was growing up.

I also found a Tic Tac Toe game that involves spelling words. I don't have a link to either of these projects but you can google them. Basically, you pick a row off of the board and each space in the row has a different activity to do with your word (examples: write in rainbow colors, write in silly letters, write them 3 times, etc). It was a fun way for her to practice a few words that give her trouble without it being such a monotonous task. I remember having to write my spelling words 10x each. It wasn't the most fun activity.

Stay tuned for a pinterest update. I need to get photos uploaded before I can post them :)

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