Author: Ashley
•1:37 PM
This weekend has been really great! I have enjoyed some time to do things that need to be done (clean out our office space), want to be done (nap), and have to be done (daily life with 2 children). The weather has been awesome and the kids are LOVING the new deck! I think they would move out there if the weather would stay like this all the time.

Now for the random:
*Crayola's colored bubbles are on clearance for a reason. They were a lot of fun but made a HUGE mess. It did wash out and I wasn't too stressed about the mess but if we had been at home on our new deck or in our driveway, I might have had a panic attack.

*This is how we found Little Monster yesterday morning. They had a sleepover and Little Bit woke him up before the sun. He decided he needed to hide from Mommy and Daddy and fell asleep waiting for us to drag our lazy booties out of bed (at a VERY late 8:40am). He was behind the curtain and all you could see were his feet...too funny!

*This is how we found Perry (who Little Monster will now tell you is his best friend).

*Oh my mirrors!! I love them. Some advice to anyone attempting this project: The liquid nails is amazing but works FAST and is thick. It will mush around (for lack of better terms) when you press it on so it is essential to put it low enough on the trim that it doesn't push to the top (see 2nd photo). Otherwise you will see the reflection of it in the mirror. A wet rag is also good to have on hand in case this happens. And speaking of reflection, it is also important that you paint the edge of the backside (also see 2nd photo). Otherwise you will also see that reflection. Oh yeah! and a miter box (sp?) is also essential. The circular saw cuts too much of the wood because the blade is thick and it causes your corners to be misaligned. Of course, caulk will fix that but...
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