Author: Ashley
•4:08 PM

that artist woman! I love her ideas for teaching art to little ones. Most of her stuff seems geared toward ages 7+ but I can adapt it for my little ones too. So we are skipping our "formal" art lesson this week and talking about the fall leaves.

We started yesterday with watercolor backgrounds and continued today using ink and a straws to make our trees. Little Bit's is on the left and Little Monster's is on the right. I like how Little Monster follows directions (i.e. "don't paint blue below the line" and yet somehow we have a small pond that blossomed on the right side of the paper). After the trees were dry, we followed up with acrylic paint and q-tips for the leaves. I did one of my own and honestly, I like the kids' versions better. I don't have a picture of the completed work but you get the idea.

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